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Waterfall Route

Join us on an exciting tour of a selection of the most accessible and spectacular waterfalls in Quiroga, in the Courel Mountains UNESCO World Geopark.

The selection of five waterfalls linked on this route take us from Quiroga to Vieiros, along the quiet mountain roads LU-P-5001/5004; We must circulate calmly and extreme precautions. From the moment we left the valley, in search of the highlands, we entered a universe of mountains with different shades to the rhythm of the seasons.

Waterfall Route

Fervenza de O Fócaro

O Fócaro Waterfall

- 200 meters from the village of A Seara, towards  A Lucenza Lake. Access on foot from the main road, ...
Fervenza de Vieiros

Vieiros Waterfall

- On the main road, shortly after the village of Vieiros, in the direction of Ferramulín. Or from the village ...
Fervenza de As Gurbias

As Gurbias Waterfall

-In the village of A Seara. We recommend leaving the vehicle at any of the village entrances and approaching on ...
Fervenza de A Pedriña

A Pedriña Waterfall

-Near the village of A Cruz de Outeiro, on the road that goes to Vilarbacú, in the course of the ...
Fervenza de O Pombar

O Pombar Waterfall

-Near the village of A Cruz de Outeiro, in the course of the Quiroga river. -We leave the vehicle on ...